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Our Mission

Global Campus Japan is a not-for-profit organization providing lifelong learning programs consisting of glearning and adventureh, of which basic philosophy derives from Elderhostel in the U.S. Collaborating with universities and educational institutions, we create various innovate and high-quality programs to share the pleasure of learning and the joy of encounters for the people with full of intellectual curiosity. Our mission is to support and empower the people (mainly senior citizens) to have positive attitude towards their lives and improve the quality of their lives


Business activities

iPjPlanning and operation of learning@programs

International programs
iWith Japanese speaking guide/people 50 and over have priority for elders travelj

Domestic programs
iPeople 50 and over have priority for elders travelj

Japan Program
Japan Program is for non-Japanese to learn Japanese tradition and culture.
The language used in the program is the native language of the participants.

Special learning programs
Special learning programs on the request of the organizations, schools, groups,
and/or travel agencies)
(Past performance: ANA Sales Co.,Ltd. and others)

iQjOther programs, seminars, and classes

Long stay programs in Japan and at abroad
One day programs at Metropolitan area
English conversation classes and other classes

iRjProviding Information about aged society and lifelong learning

Publication of posting information, gTravel letter for elderh(eight times a year)
Homepage and blog
E-mail newsletter

iSjTown-building utilizing the local resourcesEhuman resources assistance

GCJGeneral Research Institute



Mitsuru Okoso

Board of members

Keiji Arai Isuru House in Karuizawa/Coordinator in Karuizawa
Koshin Izumi The CEO of Urban Life Office Co.,Ltd
Tomoki Ido Director General of Historical Routes Promotion Council
Masatoshi Obara Lawer
Yoko Kamiyama

Former Director of Recruit Co.,Ltd and PIA Corporation
The CEO of Genber Ltd.

Katsuaki Senuma Proffesor at University Oberlin University
Takako Sodei Professor emeritus at Ochanomizu UniversityMember of Commission of Public Benefit Accreditation
Miwako Nakagawa full-fledged corporate member
Akira Matsubara

Seeds=Director General of the Committee creating a system to support
Citizenfs Activities


Masato Homma?? Director of not-for-profit organization eLearnology Association


Masayuki Itonaga Special Advisor of Alaska University



The programs of Global Campus Japan derives from Elderhostel, Inc., a not-for-profit organization founded in New Hampshire in the U.S. in 1975.

Elderhostel offered its first program in the University of New Hampshire in the U.S.

Elderhostel Association(Former Elder International Exchanges Association) was established in 1986 and offered its first gJapan Study Programh to American senior citizens who want to learn about Japan through travel.

Elderhostel Association offered its gInternational Programh and gDomestic Programh, of which the style is the same as Elderhostel in the U.S.

According to the organization restructuring of Elderhostel Association, Elder Travel Club succeeding the formerfs gInternational Programh and gDomestic Programh was established.

In partnership with Australia & New Zealand College for Seniors, Japan Program was held ofr foreign senior citizens to learn about Japanese history and culture.

Since new type of travels planned by travel destinationfs agencies has been attracted attention, GCJ General Research Institute was established to embark town-building and development of human resources.

Elder Travel Club was renamed Global Campus Japan

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